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About Us

“We are an online brand focusing on fresh meat and ready-to-cook/eat products.” Our basic aim is to ensure that all the produce reaching the end consumer is fresh. MyFreshPlanet is a fresh meat brand and we ensure healthy meaty goodness to you, without any hassles whatsoever. Our mission is to keep raising the bar of the fresh meat experience for consumers in India.”

Secret to Great Food

In our busy lives, we often settle for what’s convenient. Today, most of us do not have easy access to high quality, bona-fide avenues to source our products from. As a result, our priorities have shifted far from tradition, authenticity and purity toward accessibility and compromise. What if we were to make authentic and pure whole meats more accessible? So accessible we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep. At MyFreshPlanet, we believe in tradition, values and the goodness of fresh meat. Experience the taste, texture and tenderness of farm fresh meat delivered straight from high quality farms. No more compromises, no inconvenience, just the unmistakable, sweet smell of juicy, all-natural meat. Bring back the touch of tradition and heritage to the food you eat; let the taste of mother’s recipes come to life in dishes you prepare. Authentic, certified, fresh, tender and easy-to-cook – just the way you want it.

“Say good-bye to bland dishes and hello to finger-licking freshness. Let us together unlock the secret to great food.”

Farm to table, Freshness guaranteed

MyFreshPlanet partners with high quality farms to bring you the fresh meat from only the best breeds, bypassing local mandis, wholesalers and butcher shops.